Hey You,

Yeah, you looking at the screen right now. I got a question for you. Where do you go for all your fitness advice?

Professional Bodybuilders


Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of quality bodybuilders out there giving out advice. I commend them and use them as valuable resources. What most people fail at is trying to apply a Professional Bodybuilder’s lifestyle to their life.

How does listening to someone who works out 3-5 hours every day help you with your current work life situation?

Does that person know what it is like to work a 9 – 5 job that doesn’t involve a gym?

How many times have they been stuck in an office surrounded by co-workers with no desire to live healthy lives?

What do they know about the daily grind of finding that extra motivation to go to the gym when you have to work late hours to meet a deadline?

Fitness Magazines


Do you get your advice from one of those fitness magazines with the perfect looking model on the cover? You know, the one’s with the digitally enhanced image of Mr. Perfect on the cover. Oh wait, you thought that was real!

Can you guess which of the following is another lie about that fitness magazine’s cover?

A.  Mr. Perfect had been on a starvation diet for over a week before they shot that picture.

B.  Mr. Perfect purposely dehydrated his body to make his muscles appear bigger and more defined than they normally are.

C.  Mr. Perfect got his body by taking that fitness magazine’s specific “muscle building fat slashing” supplements

The answer is C. The truth is that Mr. Perfect doesn’t look like that cover every day. The truth is that he did not take those supplements to get that specific body. Mr. Perfect’s body is a result of years of hard work (and/or sadly sometimes steroids), NOT the supplements they’re advertising!

These are just some of the reasons I created this blog, so readers like you can stay informed from a REAL person.

Who Needs MicVinny

This site is made for real people in the real world. MicVinny is for those people who have to travel monthly or more for their jobs. This site will deliver information to make those business trips more productive for your well-being.

This site is for professionals who want to get a grip back on their lives! They no longer want their crushing job demands to prevent them from truly being fit and happy! I want this site to be that conversational piece that jump-starts your day. My articles will enlighten your mind as well as make you laugh.

This site is for busy professionals who no longer want to hide their bodies in shame when at the beach. This site is for people to start feeling comfortable with their bodies. With the articles, services, and resources I will be providing, you will easily be able to stand out from your average co-workers.

Who Is MicVinny?

T1BLWD3WO0I’m Not A Athlete

Even though it hurts my ego, I’ll admit that I’ve never been an athlete. I did try out for a football team once (and it ended badly!). When people first see me they automatically think I actively played sports because of the way I look.

That’s the key. I LOOK like an athlete. I have developed the body of an athlete by not actually being one.

Most folks who live a hectic life, really just want to be happy, healthy and attractive. I’m here to help you achieve that. You don’t have to feel the pressure of working out like an athlete to look good. I will provide you with articles showing you that there’s lots of realistic ways to look good without being an elite athlete.

I’m Not A Liar

I don’t have supplemental companies or advertisers paying me to provide you with my information. Any product, service or resource I recommend is something I truly believe will benefit your life. I’m not a fan of supplements anymore because I know how much money I wasted on them looking for that magic pill. I don’t want you to do the same!

I’ve Traveled The World

MicVinny_TravelMy bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering has led to several cool jobs over the years. Eventually I held the title of an international business developer. That job had me traveling all over the world.

When it comes to flying on planes, staying at hotels, having after hour business meetings, I’ve been there and done that. Isn’t it time that you got your advice from someone like me instead of a guy who’s never left his home city?

I’m one of the few fitness coaches who knows all about living the road warrior lifestyle! I remember looking for traveling advice and not finding anything of substance. That’s why I have decided to share my wealth of fitness travel tips. It’s time for engineers, developers and other traveling professionals to get the truth from someone who lived the life!

I Solve Home Office Problems

Office having a catered lunch?

Did Hannah bring in her famous homemade chocolate brownies?

Do you want to order lunch with your work colleagues but don’t want them to think that you’re on a diet?

The working environment is one of the most overlooked detriments towards getting fit. I’m here to change that. No longer will you be a victim of the office. I will show you how to survive your office experience with authentic solutions.

I Am A Travel Fitness Designer

The work problems escalate even further while traveling. How many times have you been to a hotel with a crappy gym? Fear no more! I’ll be providing simple workout routines you can do on the road.

If you’re truly serious about transforming your body and life, you could always sign up for one of my 1-on-1 coaching services that you can take with you on the road!

Don’t want to spend all your travel per diem money on fast food? Well, I will have awesome articles explaining how to save money and eat better while traveling. I’ll teach you how to use grocery stores and even fast food’s dollar menus to create foods that won’t have your waist sticking out by day five of your business trip!

I Love Food

I’ve always been a foodie. I remember watching the cooking shows on PBS during the daytime hours with my grandmother. Frugal Gourmet and New Orleans Cajun with Justin Wilson were some of my favorites.


When trying to become healthy I would always try other recipes to learn how to be healthy. Well, I would like to help you out by sharing out the recipes I tried, as well as experimenting with some of my own for your home (or even while on the road).

It’s something I had not been doing on this blog, but with my secret passion for cooking, it’s time!

However you found this page, I hope you will consider walking with me on my journey. I’m not the smartest, I’m not the buffest, but I do know I am one of the REALEST fitness coaches you will ever find.

Besides….How many cooler nicknames than MicVinny will you find on the internet?


Find out more about this site at MicVinny’s About Page.

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