Imagine that you travel down this one street for all of your life. That street is laced with familiarity and comfort. You know exactly what you are going to get when you ride along that street. There are no surprises.

Days turn into weeks. Those weeks turn into months. Those months turn into years. Yes, YEARS of being comfortable on that same familiar street.

One day you see a brand new road. This new road is somewhat of a myth. Nobody that you associate with has ever successfully traveled down that road. Due to the mystery of this road, all sorts of rumors spread about what goes on in that road. Some say that there’s happiness down that road. Some say lots of riches await the person daring enough to go down that road.

This brand new road is not in any GPS system. You cannot just Google it for a sneak peek. To go down this road will require you to use your natural instincts. It will require the use of all of your senses to keep you alerted of any possible dangers you might encounter.

As you look down this road, your mind just goes crazy with all the thoughts and possibilities that could happen for the person brave enough to go down that road. You wonder if you have the courage to go on that trip someday. As you ponder that thought, you decide to keep going on your familiar street on the way home.


white picket fence houseWhen I first started this blog I was on my familiar street. I saw a possible new road and decided just to walk a block down that road. On that road appeared a couple of houses that I did not recognize. On the front porches of those houses, were people glaring at me. They were not necessarily giving me the evil eye, but you could feel that they wanted to make sure they knew what I was doing in their neighborhood.

Just like you, they were not use to change. For so many years, they had not seen a soul walk down their street. They were very curious about me. Instead of being intimidated, I just kept walking…slowly. I was observing to my new surroundings. The houses were bigger then what I was use to. Each house had a nice sized yard. These homes were what I always envisioned the American dream being.

After I walked down that first unfamiliar block, I turned my head back towards the path I had just walked. I could clearly see the street I always knew. I figured it was time to go back home. I did enough exploring for one day.


Another month goes by before I decided to venture back onto that unknown road. This time as I walked down the first block, I didn’t see as many stares at me. It was as if the residents knew I belong. After I got pasted that first block, I noticed that the ground started to incline. As I had been walking, I had only been keeping my eyes down. Given I was in unfamiliar territory, I didn’t try to look ahead.

As I approached this incline, I decided to raise my head up. That’s when I saw that in order to keep going; I would have to walk up a hill. I’m talking San Francisco category of hills!San Francisco classic Hill

I couldn’t see exactly what was on top of this hill, but I could see that it was high and scary. From where I was standing I could still look back and see that familiar street. It was more than a block away, but it was still there. It was comforting knowing I could always go back to my familiar street.

Something in me changed though. I could feel my mentality start to shift. I had been on that familiar street for so long, I knew that I had to see what was up that unknown hill. It looked like it would challenging to climb, but I was wanted to climb it. So I took two deep breaths and started to walk forward up that hill….


This article is about life’s choices. You see, I was faced with a major life-changing decision today. I had the opportunity to go back and do what was comfortable. I decided not to do that but instead take a risk. Everything you see on this blog site is me taking a risk.

I was making over $100,000 doing my former line of work. Just because I was making a decent amount of money, did not mean I was happy. That money was just a sign of me being comfortable and not willing to see what other paths were out there in this world. I told myself when I started this blog that I would never look back on my life anymore!

I don’t want to ever have any regrets. I hope you feel the same way in your life. Whether that’s at your job, your health, your relationships or a combination of things, I want you to feel brave enough to walk down that path of unfamiliarity to change for the better!

If this is your first time reading one of my blog posts, stop being a stranger! Give me a holla and join the Fan Club! Let’s walk down this new path together!

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