Have you ever watched one of those horror movies where the character tries to escape from the villain yet wherever they run to the villain is always one step ahead of them? The villain I want to talk about today seems to be in your life from the moment you wake up.

You get out your bed to go do your morning bathroom routine. You get ready to brush you teeth and < insert shrieking horror music > he’s there! You give him an evil stare as he sits on top of your toothbrush inside your toothpaste.

You go to your kitchen for breakfast and open your pantry and < insert shrieking horror music > he’s there conversing with your favorite breakfast items. He looks up at you with a smirk “You know you want me….don’t run!”

You race off to go to work and as you listen to the radio you are interrupted by advertisement for your favorite coffee shop. Immediately as the advertisement goes off he pops up from behind the backseat < insert shrieking horror music > and says “You know what will make that coffee even better……this little packet of sunshine I got in my pocket!”

You stop by that coffee shop before you get to work. While getting the coffee you’re reminded of all the delicious items the shop has besides coffee. It all looks tempting so you tell yourself you’re only going to get one treat because you’ve been good all week.

As soon as the coffee shop worker places the treat in a bag, you hear laughter in the background. Your morning stalker quietly approaches you in line < insert shrieking horror music > and whispers over your shoulder,

Sooo what do we have there? You sure you only want just one? hahahaha


The rest of your workday goes by in a rollercoaster blur. You have many ups and downs through out the day. Could it be due to what you ate? You try not to think too hard because you just want the day to be over with.

It’s now finally the end of your work day. You proceed to drive home from work in the dark. Your energy levels are extremely low. You could use another quick pick me up. Almost as if he’s a mind reader, < insert shrieking horror music >  your stalker pops back up from the shadows of your car.

He gives a grin and tells you:

Yeah I got what you need….All you gotta do is admit that you love me….you can’t LIVE without me! You ain’t never going to leave me! HAHAHA!!

Sugar AKA The World’s Best Drug Dealer

Am I the only one that feels that that sugar is the biggest drug lord on this planet? No seriously think about it. What else can make you feel ashamed and lethargic?

Why do we try to hide our excess sugar usage from family and friends? What else can drastically change the way our bodies look on the outside? What other substance can cause even more damage to your insides than it does to your outside?

If you took sugar out the above paragraph you probably would think I was talking about methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, or heroin. Those are all addictive recreational drugs.

The worse of the worse right? Well, the sad truth is that sugar has all of them beat! Sugar has more addicts then those drugs combined. Sugar is the ultimate drug!


homerYou see I’m not the type of person to about badmouth the food but sugar deserves some bellowing at. If there were only one truly bad food substance on this planet, sugar would win hands down.

Just think of all the diseases in the world that originate from sugar. You have diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

Everybody’s doing it…… are you?

For too many years sugar was ignored and just treated as a food source. It hasn’t been until the last 15 years or so that scientists have truly spoken up about the non-benefits of having this in your diet.

If sugar is so bad for us why do we continue to keep eating and eating and eating it? Well like most drugs it’s addictive! No if ands or buts about it, sugar is one of the most addictive things you can put into your body.

When we’re feeling depressed we go toward sugar. When we want to celebrate a great achievement we go towards sugar. So consuming sugar goes with the highs and the lows of our life.

I’ll talk about my own personal experience with sugar, next time!

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