I see them all the time. When I do a quick search online they are right there staring at me in the face. It’s like they have a secret society and I just want to make fun of me. What did I ever do to make them judge me so harshly?

Why do I feel they want to push me down the stairs and tell everyone I tripped so I could feel embarrassed? Why do I feel that whenever I leave the room they start talking badly about me? Why do I feel like they have some type of secret society in which I’m not allowed to get it? You know I don’t think I’m paranoid but it just seems that every time I want to make progress they do their best to distract me from my plans.

I don’t believe that everybody’s perfect yet all they do is ridicule and tease people like myself all the time. I wonder how they would like it if an average Joe would look at them as freaks! I wonder how they would act if they knew that someone out there wanted to tell the world the truth about their lives!

It All Started With That Man In Yellow Spandex….

Back in the day I was a HUGE wrestling fan. From the moment my eyes laid on Hulk Hogan and his entrance theme music, I was in love. As time went on I started to think that pro wrestling might have been fake. As a kid it was hard to tell. It was just so cool to see real live action on my TV screen besides the thrills I got from my favorite cartoons.

Note To Self: The 80s were awesome!

So as I got older, of course I realized that wrestling was fake. I still watched, but definitely not as much as before.

Then in the late 90s I heard rumblings about someone I should be watching. There started to be this one particular wrestler who would seem to steal the show every week. Without a doubt it was this guy:

The Rock on the top rope with a Just Bring It shirt on

Oh yeah! The Rock….Or as he’s famously known today as, Mr. Dwayne Johnson. Did you know The Rock started off as an absolute nobody? He had this ridiculous looking outfit with this super duper nice guy persona.

Rockey Maivia, an early picture of The Rock

Rocky Maivia

It wasn’t until later that he changed his appearance and screen personality that he became The Rock. You see any great wrestler has to show the acting ability to pull of being a hero as well as a villain eventually. If you are able to be a such a good villain that the fans love to see you come to the ring more than whoever the hero is, that’s when you become a superstar.

When the WWE finally allowed Dwayne Johnson to create The Rock’s personality, history started to be made. No wrestler has ever duplicated the excitement and charisma that The Rock put forth. That’s when my love for wresting started again. Every week people tuned in to hear what The Rock had to say.

Went From A Nobody To The People’s Champ

One thing that made The Rock awesome was he was the self proclaimed “People’s Champ.” That was a big bold move. As time went on it was very clear that he WAS the People’s Champ. He was one of the few wrestlers that actually spoke and said what the fans thought about what was going on in that wrestling ring.

It’s amazing when I think back at his career. He started out with absolutely no fans. He was just this muscular looking guy that use to play college football. He had no personality at all in the ring.  Slowly he stated to craft a story that gain momentum.   That momentum was so big that the WWE could no longer just make him an average villain. To see him go from that into this mega international superstar is inspiring. All he had to do was be himself!

Is Release The Beast My Time To Shine?

I mention The Rock’s story because I feel I’m in the same boat. Here I am, just a nobody who decided to start a fitness related blog.

  • I’m not the skinniest.
  • I’m not the most muscular.
  • I’m not the most athletic.
  • ……….I do think I’m one of the most handsome though.

In order to spread my message, I created a book called Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

You see a person like me is the total opposite of who I was talking about at the beginning of this blog post. You see at the beginning I was talking about your typical fitness websites and magazines. They always have fitness models with captions that lie. Their headlines seem to contradict a person like me. I’m just an average Joe who has had enough of their lies and wanted to share my own realistic journey with the world.

Do You Smell What I’m Cooking?

In Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! , I actually get to the root cause of our major problems in trying to better our lives. I set a realistic view of the world that those magazine articles do not want you to know about.

The objective of the fitness industry is to take all of your money. I just want you to be the best version of yourself you can be. That’s the cold honest truth. And it is with that thinking that I truly believe that I am like the Rock….. the People’s Champ!


Release The Beast is coming out November 1st 2014. Make sure you get your copy so you can see what I’m excited about!

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