“Rain, rain, please come back another day! I don’t want deju vu all over again!”

For three days straight it’s been nothing but cloudy, dark, grey and wet where I live. I’ve been so cooped up in my own world; I had not been paying attention to the weather reports. I finally decided to listen to the news and all I hear is about possible flooding in the area due to Hurricane Joaquin approaching the US from the Caribbean.

“Perfect!!! That’s just perfect!!!” I yell to myself. You see my wife and I are planning on flying to Thailand for our first real vacation this year. The last time we attempted to go on a min-vacation around Independence Day, it rained the entire time!

So as I look at the weather reports I’m hoping that the flight doesn’t get cancelled due to this hurricane. As of this morning I hear reports that the hurricane will not touch US soil. Who knows if that will change.

Hurricane Joaquin

As I hear the rain thumping on my roof all I can selfishly think about is the last time I been to a beach. You see when in Thailand, my wife and I will be staying at a beach resort for most of the trip. I imagine crystal blue waters and beautiful specs of sand between my toes during this trip. As I envision this, I find it very hard to think about the last time I been on a real vacation.

My last real vacation…?

The trip we took around Independence Day was more of a business trip than personal vacation. The hotel we stayed at was supposed to be a resort but it was definitely over hyped. Due to the rain, I never got to go swimming at the resort. They had an indoor pool as well, but it was engulfed by family reunions the entire time. Sadly, my swim trunks never got the chance to get wet. So tragic!

As the wind howls outside, I try to remember the last time I truly had a relaxing vacation. It took a good twenty minutes to finally remember the last time I had one. In May, 2014 my mother wanted to go on a retirement cruise. On that cruise I was able to hang out on a couple Caribbean beaches.

I actually got in the water, swam with the waves, and went snorkeling. It was a good time. I’ve come to realize that I had been working almost non-stop for the past year and half.

Vacation in Fall?

Most families use the summer time to get their beach vacation in. Here it is in Autumn, and I would finally be getting to the beach. Wow! The time of year in which my body normally starts to regress.

When this trip popped up, I was hoping to have this picturesque beach body. But reality has set in, and I’m not exactly there. I look good but not as good as I know I’m capable of looking. I can’t say it’s for lack of trying. When I set back, I truly believe that my progress hasn’t been amplified due to my desperate need of a vacation.

Mr. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-T..Do you know what that mean?


I had been pursuing working for myself since the beginning of summer 2015. Anyone that has gone the entrepreneur route can tell you it’s not easy! There’s lots of stress at the beginning. I have so much work that I wanted to accomplish that my entire summer just flashed by.

Now that it’s October, I realized just how stressed I been. This vacation comes at a perfect time. This month will have all sorts of excitements. I have my first book, Release The Beast, coming out on October 25th 2015. Also, I’ll be making my online fitness services available to the public. This is the month where all my hard work will pay off!

I strongly think that by taking this vacation, I will come back strong and ready to finish my year up with my goals in mind. Sometimes all it takes is one relaxing break from your normal routine to get you past that last hump. My last hump is my final 10 pounds to get towards my goal of losing 15 lbs of fat in 2015.

But first……….Rain, Rain go away………..

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