Nine years ago I was officially obese.

I wish I could say it was a secret but every time I look at old photos, I can easily see the extra weight.

None of my family or friends who saw me on a regular basis ever confronted me about my physical transformation.

There was no intervention.

I was a known gym rat and claimed to know everything there was about weightlifting, supplements and living a healthy life. In my mind, the extra weight was all muscle.

Sorry twenty something Mikey…You was severely overweight!

Maybe nobody knew I was overweight due to my height. I’m around 6’ 3”. The first thing question I normally get asked is

“So did you use to play basketball?”

It’s a fair question because of my naturally tall athletic looking appearance. My face and arms look the almost the same whether I weight 175 pounds or 240 pounds.

Could that be the reason I didn’t see it?

First Warning Sign

The weight gain sneaked into my life while I was doing my first major job search. I had just completed my first ever contract job and was looking for another job. Luckily, I saved enough money that allowed me to survive six months of unemployment.

It was a stressful time as I had just moved into my first apartment without roommates. I believe that this situation initiated the weight gain process.

With no job, I would just go to the gym in the mornings. I remember telling myself that I was going to start bulking up by getting stronger. Boy what I wouldn’t give to see myself wasting those months away with cookie cutter workout routines.

If I could time travel, I would gladly pimp slap the past version of me in the face!

At the time, I thought I was getting stronger with the routines. The reality was that my form and technique was awful. I cared too much about the amount I was lifting instead of actually DOING the lifts.

What I mean by that is that I lacked the patience of correctly building a solid foundation and doing the movements correctly. I saw using less weight as a something to be ashamed of. In my mind, I thought I should ALWAYS be increasing not decreasing weights.

Is it no wonder that my “healthy” eating and workout regime led to 20 more pounds of fat in four short months?

New Job Same Problem

By the time 2008 arrived, I had a new job in a new city. I quickly befriended new co-workers and locals. Their first impression of me was at 235 pounds. I would tell them how I loved working out and would suggest tips.

Looking back, is it no wonder they didn’t take me seriously?

After several more months, I saw the scale say 265 pounds.

265 pounds!Michael V. Moore in Singapore in 2008



How could that possibly happen to a guy who’s been reading and implementing online muscle building routines from great sites such as T-nation and

Seeing the scale say 265 pounds made me realize for the first time in my life I was actually obese!

What made the revelation even worse, was that I no longer worked a “normal” 9-5 schedule. I was now a frequent traveler!

Traveling and Working Out

Long hours, stress and fast food was my daily ritual. Was the traveling lifestyle making me unhappy or was it my obesity?

I graduated college at around 185 pounds. A year later I went up to 195 due to me not walking around the city of Philadelphia anymore for survival. Every year I kept creeping up to around 210 pounds. I did have a job from 2005-2006 in which I was on feet for almost 12 hours a day, so my weight stabilized around 205 pounds.

Once I had the traveling job, all that was out the window. I had a job in which I was sitting down for 80% of my day. The other 20% was me being active at the gym.

Yes, despite the massive weight gain, I was STILL WORKING OUT AT THE GYM 5 DAYS A WEEK!

That’s the key. I still tried to workout EVERY day. Obvious what I was doing wasn’t working but I was too proud to admit that there was an issue.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Help

You see as I’ve been working more and more into this fitness business, I realize just how dangerous people’s egos are.

Especially guys.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I tried to help someone out at the gym with their squat technique, only to see them add more weights as they continue to use bad form.

If someone see’s a problem and wants to help you, why are we so afraid to accept it. All those years of me bulking up was wasted time! I cringe at how much better I would look today if I had not gone overboard.

If only I had someone to give me a reality check and tell me the truth.

MicVinny Services That Help Busy Professionals

Being someone who lived the traveling lifestyle, I feel it’s my obligation to prevent others from going down the same destructive path I was on. That’s why the first fitness product I created was my e-book, Release The beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

I created that book because I knew the real problem with being fit is inside our minds. If you don’t have a great mindset, you’re bound to keep failing. It’s a truth that people don’t want to hear and accept but it’s the truth!

In early 2016, I started personal training individuals online. I even offered to train over 3,000 individuals for FREE!

Despite my good intentions, only two people actually took me up on my free offer. Unfortunately, only one actually went through and the other person dropped out before we could begin.

Travel Workout Course

This time around, I decided to ask the people what they wanted. Members of the Travel Fitness Club as well as several other’s took a survey that told me they wanted a workout routine that they could do while traveling.

As a man of the people, I have spent the last 21 days creating exactly that. It is with long hours, sweat and determination that I can proudly say that the MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course is now officially released!

I look at the course as something I wish I had when I was at 265 pounds weight.

I wish I had a course like this that would have made me realize the truth about my work/life situation.

I wish I had someone tell me that there’s more to fitness than just walking into a traditional gym.

I wish I had someone actually care enough about my weight at the time to create something that talked specifically to me.

If that was the case, I would not have been that obese 265 pounds.

Remember I was going to the gym every day. I was eating healthy foods yet I was still overweight.

Does that sound like you?

Stanley from the office shaking his head yes


Looking For Feedback

The beauty of this course is that it is not 100% completed.

As of today’s release date, the course is what I think travelers need in getting a great workout while traveling. But anyone that purchases the course in its early stages, will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Yes, you still get the chance to let me solve your biggest problems with the course!

How many times have you bought something, and been frustrated that it was not what you expected?

With the MicVinny Travel Workout Master Course, I will be working closely with people who purchase the course to insure that the course meets it’s traveling members demands.

That’s something I wish I had as I struggled with my obesity and intense travel schedule.

Are You Ready To Be In Control?

Whether it’s for a personal vacation or a business trip, learn how to stay in control and in shape for all your future travels.

MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course is here!

Those who take the course will finally be able to make decisions that will FINALLY make you feel in complete control during your entire trip!

CLICK HERE to get more information on MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course!

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