I wasn’t sure how I wanted to end my last blog post of 2015. This blog has only been up since August 2015. Just a quarter of my year has been captured. Knowing that only a quarter of my 2015 had been captured made me realize that there’s so much more to my quest for my perfect body then what was written down.

Knowing how many years I’ve struggled to get towards my dream body, I guess it was time to write a letter to myself for 2016. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. What I am a fan of is year long planning with the goal of continuously improving your goals to eventually reach your dream.

Dear Michael,

Going into 2015 you had a fitness goal to do the following:

3/6/12 month Goals for Fitness
The Vision

  • Beach Body!!!
    • Consistent waist under 35 inches
    • Square Powerful chest
    • Arms greater than 15 inches
  • No bags under eyes from lack of sleep (7-10 hrs sleep a night)
  • No chronic joint pain (knees, back, spine, etc)
  • Have less than 20 lbs of fat on my body
  • No travel excuses for eating right
  • 175+ grams Protein, veggies, carb sources mainly from rice and potato sources.
  • Build Beach Body of dreams THEN get stronger with that physique
  • No more yo yo seasonal eating. Avoid the unhealthy relationship with wheat/fat/sugar/processed foods!! This has been my set back for years!

Like all things in life you had a curve ball thrown at you. The biggest distraction came around January 2015, when it was revealed that you would have to attend a specialized training class for a project. That project meant that you would have to spend at least 10 hours of day working in isolation. It took less than a month for you to realize that it was almost like a career death sentence.

You tried your best to deal with the situation but as the weeks kept coming along, you realized that it was a time for a change. Despite how much you loved the company you worked for, you were not in love with your actual job. You made a life-changing decision by giving up your six-figured job.

Introducing Entrepreneur Mike!

Entrepreneur mind with lightbulbThose next few months were exciting. You had a ton of business ideas. At first, you decided just to focus on your side e-commerce business. It became your new full-time job. Despite our best efforts, the business was just not profitable. I didn’t feel like a failure because the experience taught you a lot about yourself.

I started hanging out with people that had dreams of success just like us. Some were successful, others were still finding their way. The people who were doing better often designed businesses around their passions. It was at that point that I realized we should base our business around our biggest passion in life….fitness!

Fitness Goal Review

It was at this point in 2015, that I looked at my fitness goals for the year. I saw how close I was to achieving them back in February 2015, but got sidetracked by life. I thought I would still have plenty of time to achieve the goals, so I didn’t try as consistently. In late June, I attempted one quick fat loss experiment. I got down to 199 but it was just carbohydrate manipulation. The eating method I used to drop the weight wasn’t sustainable.

Who would listen to a person who couldn’t even accomplish his own 2015 fitness goals? I started to doubt myself again. Maybe we shouldn’t even think about going into the fitness industry.

As the negative thoughts piled up, I reviewed our past workout journals. I saw our past online diet journals. I saw all the weightlifting routines we had purchased over the years. I even glanced at our incredible 2010 physical transformation. Looking at all that evidence reminded me that…I WAS THE PERFECT PERSON to teach other’s about getting into shape!

Why Not Me?

31That’s when I thought about creating this blog site. Too many people see the final product of a fitness guru. Well, I wanted to be different. I wanted to share all my faults and doubts. I wanted people to see that I was human just like them. When you see that perfect picture of me, I want you to realize the amount of physical and mental work it took for me to look that way! Getting the perfect body you desire is not easy! That is what separates MicVinny from other fitness sites.

Even if it makes me look like a chump, I’m willing to share my journey. I could never ask you to do something that I’m not comfortable doing myself.

With that being said, as I approach 2016, I want you to remember who you are Michael. You’re the guy who took a big gamble on life. You decided not to be one of those individuals who always wondered “what if”. You are a #1 best-selling author! You are an online fitness coach! Nobody can take that away from you!

Use that knowledge and enthusiasm to spread your message to your Fan Club! Let your journey be the inspiration for others to Release The Beast!! Continue pushing towards your own fitness goals!

If you do all this you will be rewarded with success. I guarantee it!


Michael 2015

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