Think back to when you were setting up your new goals for 2020.

How long did you spend deciding what you wanted to achieve?

Did you tell yourself that this time would be different?

Fast forward to a year later and look at your new goals for 2021.  How many of those goals are similar to the year before?

Are you currently suffering from the consequences of not accomplishing one (or several) major life-changing goals from last year?

Despite being intelligent human beings we still struggle with this one seemingly easy task. It’s time to figure out the question everyone asks,

Why is it so hard getting started on new goals?

As a busy lifestyle fitness coach, this question generally revolves around getting in shape. The truth is that this dilemma is much bigger than fitness. Humans always struggle to get started with something new:

  • Going to a new school
  • Starting a new job
  • Beginning a new career
  • Eating a new diet plan

It’s all the same. Starting a new idea and/or concept is always a big struggle.

Change Starts In The Mind

The mind is a powerful tool. It’s the most powerful tool you have in your body. When you look at the world around you, how often do you sit back and behold its beauty?

All that we see started out as a single thought in a person’s mind. Our daily lives are filled with things that started out as simple thoughts:

  • Your car
  • Your smartphone
  • Laptops
  • Electricity
  • The organization of your country
  • Eating lobsters from the ocean’s floor

Incredible isn’t it!

One of my favorite quotes is:

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

I truly believe in that quote. Whatever type of mindset you decide to have will determine what you will do in this life. Whether it’s being an A+ student or losing 40 pounds, it all starts with the proper mindset.

Your Mind Is Yours Alone!

The mind is the one thing in the world that nobody owns. It is yours!

Nobody can tell you exactly how to think, what to think and when to think. That gift was given to you. Use it properly to get started on the new goals you know you should be doing!

Afraid of It Not Working

We tend to fear how we will be judged by something not working. We have this negative belief that we are not allowed to fail. That’s false!

It is only through failure that we learn what not to do. If everyone was perfect and never struggled when getting started, accomplishments would be meaningless.

Ideas and dreams don’t always work the first time around. What matters is that you at least got started. We all are capable of great things but first we have to make an attempt. Once we get going, our natural abilities to do the right thing to get towards our new goals starts kicking in.

Not Being Ready To Change

Whether you want to hear it or not, you have to change. Just look at cell phones. Remember when land lines were the only way you could talk to someone located in another part of the country.

pink landline telephone with buttons

That evolved into cordless phones in our homes. If you wanted to talk, you had to adjust to pressing buttons. Scary at first, but we as a society mastered it in no time.

In the late 90’s/early 2000s cell phones started to become the norm. How long did it take before you actually started to accept this as normal?

Most were afraid of losing something so small but we adapted. We changed.

cell phone user with a cup of coffee

Now look as we have advanced to smart phones. Those crazy apps were the most intimating thing in the world to a non-techie.

Most saw no value and longed for the days of the simple phone. But now after years of continued use, everyone (and their grandma) has a smart phone and uses it like a pro.

When that phone was first introduced you didn’t want to change. But you had to change to survive. Change is a natural part of life. The sooner you accept it and start the better person you’ll become.

You’re Scared Of The Pain

For some the idea of starting a new exercise program brings back bad memories. They are afraid because they know their will be pain involved. The first days of exercise will make their muscles sore. That makes them uncomfortable.

What’s more painful?

Having your muscles sore from healing itself to repair your new developing body OR going to the doctor every week due to your declining health?

Which is going to hurt you more?

The temporary pain, or the possibility of a long term chronic illness?

The reason you need to start NOW is so that you will not suffer later. It’s not just about looking good when it comes to exercise. Your longevity and health should be the #1 reason you’re working out.

Also think about the financial side of getting started now. Which will hurt you more, expensive medical bills or healthy eating grocery bills?

The temporary pain of the grocery bill vs. years of medical bills

Sure eating natural food items is more expensive in the short term than eating cheap generic boxed up food. There’s a reason all the center aisles at you grocery store contain colorful boxes and are cheap. They want you to buy more because they appeal to your wallet as well as your eyes. It’s all about making you think you are getting a good deal.

Once you start eating natural foods, it’s true that your grocery bill most likely will go up initially. But I guarantee you that your doctor bills will start to go down as your eating improves. That’s something folks don’t take into consideration. The longer you wait, the easier it is to become sick. We don’t’ see these diseases with our own eyes so we brush them off.

We give the excuse that it’s ok to keep eating the cheeseburgers and sodas. Those excuses make it easier to delay getting started on our healthy new goals. We prefer to become a ticking time bomb then to just take the first step now to get stated.

Get Started On Your New Goals Today!

So my question to you many ticks are you going to let pass you by before your health eventually blows up?

graffitt bomb about to explode


Stop waiting until tomorrow, get started on those new goals today!

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