Do you know how to stick to your new year’s resolution goal to lose weight for an entire year?

What typically happens when you make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

Do you get excited the night/days before?  What happens when it’s actually New Year’s day…is that excitement still there?

Were you actually ready for to accomplish your new goal?

Do you seriously have any idea how tough your fat loss journey will actually be?

In this video, Michael V. Moore aka MicVinny aka Mr. Travel Fitness explains what you need to do to reach your new year’s resolution goal.

Don’t be one of the many to give up. Learn how to stick around for the long haul!

If you need help, apply for one of my coaching services for accountability and help to get towards your new year’s resolution fitness goal!

New Year’s Resolution Fat Loss Video Highlights:

  • Why most people fail their New Year’s Resolution
  • Respect every day not just New Years Day
  • Small changes will lead to long term results
  • How to handle moments of weakness

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