One glance at the clock and I knew it was going down tonight! Today was Friday, and this past week had been a stressful one. It was payday and all I wanted to do was relax and go out with my boys.

My good friend, Donnie, knew about this hot new place that seemed to be the new “it” spot in our town. I had heard rumors of how awesome the place was, but never had time to go. That was going to change tonight!

Sharon from accounting told me how anything goes at this place. Lot’s of beautiful attractive people flocked to the location. If you wanted a good time, it was the place to be!

Once I left work, I put on some tunes and got ready for the night. That involved a quick trip to the car wash, barbershop, and department store for some new clothes. It’s been awhile and I wanted to look my best for the ladies!

I picked up Donnie and Bryan from their apartment, and we were on our way towards our destiny! We were excited about all the possibilities of this night!

The Arrival

Yellow Lamborghini outside a clubAs we pulled up to the spot, we could hear a faint conversation in the parking lot,

Kelly, can you handle this?
Michelle, can you handle this?
Beyoncé, can you handle this?
I don’t think they can handle this!


My crew and I got out our car and walked inside. Like we were expecting, there were endless options of sexiness everywhere! It was a dream come true!

Sharon was correct, there was nothing but attractive people at this place! Our eyes saw nothing but beauty everywhere!

There were the tall and slender types. The small and thick girls. You had the big and loud. You had the colorful peacocks. You even had the shy wallflowers ready to do harm.

As my eyes looked over the beauty before me, I turned around and saw 3 goddesses walk into the entrance…

Destiny's Child

Barely move, we’ve arrived
Lookin’ sexy, lookin’ fly
Baddest chick, chick inside

They were definitely bad! I nudged Donnie, “Do you see that man? Wow!”

DJ, jam tonight
Spotted me a tender thang
There you are, come on baby
Don’t you wanna dance with me
Can you handle, handle me

As Donnie and I exchange head nods, one of the three ladies made eye contact with me.

You gotta do much better if you gone dance with me tonight
You gotta work your jelly if you gone dance with me tonight
Read my lips carefully if you like what you see
Move, groove, prove you can hang with me
By the looks I got you shook up and scared of me
Hook up your seat belt, it’s time for takeoff

Which Sweety Should I Choose?

I told Donnie that I think I was going to approach one of them. The problem was it was hard to pick which one because all three were attractive and unique.

I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this
‘Cause my body too bootylicious for you babe

Kelly was the one on the far left. She had a raspberry reddish streak on top of her head. Her bright outfit was well put together. I also dug her dancing moves. If only I could find some way to get closer…kelly rowland with purple background

Baby, can you handle this?
Baby, can you handle this?
Baby, can you handle this?
I don’t think you can handle this!

michelle williams in whiteMichelle was the one on the right. She wore mostly white from head to toe. She didn’t seem as flashy as the other two, but there was something innocent and cute about her. Her dance moves were more conservative but still well liked.

I’m about to break you off
H-town goin’ hard
Lead my hips, slap my thighs
Swing my hair, square my eyes
Lookin’ hot, smellin’ good
Groovin’ like I’m from the hood
Look over my shoulder, I blow you a kiss
Can you handle, handle this

Beyoncé was the one in the middle. She was something special. I remember dreaming about something like her as a child. I never thought that my dreams would turn into reality. Her skin complexion was like honey.Beyounce looking stunning

I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this
‘Cause my body too bootylicious for you babe

The Decision

I knew which one I wanted to approach first. I told my boys it was now or never. I got my confidence up and approached. I danced my way over and made the eye contact. All three were impressed with my moves.

Move your body up and down (whoo!)
Make your booty touch the ground (whoo!)
I can’t help but wonder why (whoo!)
Is my vibe too vibealacious for you, babe

I could see that they all were feeling me. My ego was at an all time high. I signaled for my boys to come in and dance with us as well. They approached and the six of us started having a great time.

I shake my jelly at every chance
When I whip with my hips you slip into a trance
I’m hoping you can handle all this jelly that I have
Now let’s cut a rug while we scat some jazz

As the song started to wind down, I put my hand out and told the one I had my eye on;

“Can I talk to you privately?”

She took my hand and followed me. As we made our way to the front of the location, I slipped the bouncer a few bucks because that’s what was expected at this establishment.

Finally Some Time Alone..

The lady and I proceeded to the parking lot. We locked eyes and it was on!Young couple gazing at each other

Instantly we started making out. I’ll be honest; this was no PG rated make out session. This was all mouth and tongue. I wanted to taste as much of her sweet self as possible!

There was no being polite about it. I tried to get as much of her into my mouth as possible!

Out of the three options that night, I knew I wanted her. She was tanned, honey complexion and awe so tasty! She had the nicest buns out of all the options in the spot!


Two sweet tasty honey bunsShe wasn’t a jelly doughnut like Kelly. She wasn’t an iced coffee cake like Michelle. She was the one I called Beyoncé…the mouth-watering honey bun from Wawa!

I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this jelly
I don’t think you ready for this
‘Cause my body too bootylicious for you babe

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