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Today’s junk food diary is focused on the tale of one young man who eventually gave his soul for the freckled girl with the cutest smile.


Once upon a time there were four brothers. Their names were Jason, Brian, Andre and Chris.

Their parents moved them from California to New York back in 1993. Jason (the youngest) was in his second year of middle school, while all his older brothers were in high school.

On the first day of school, Jason approached the bus stop alone. Like most new kids he wasn’t sure what to expect as he walked towards the group of unfamiliar schoolmates.

His nerves started to get the better of him, until a young girl named Misty Malone greeted him with a smile:
“Hello! My name is Misty Malone.
You must be the new kid to the neighborhood. What’s your name?”

Due to the friendliness of Misty, Jason’s nerves started to calm down.

“My name is Jason”.

“Hi Jason! Welcome to the neighborhood!” replied Misty as she shook his hand.

She had such soft yet firm hands. There was something about Misty’s smile and friendliness that instantly put Jason into a state of comfort.

As all the other kids greeted him, Jason felt incredibly lucky to have had Misty help him out on his first day….

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

Weeks Later…

Over the next couple of week’s Jason and his brothers made new friends without a problem.

While at school, Jason and Misty sat next to each other at lunch. Since Misty was tight with all the “cool kids”, Jason instantly became popular.

As the school year went on, Jason and Misty were always known to joke around. Jason enjoyed seeing the freckles on Misty’s face as she laughed.

She had a great colorful personality that made everyone around her comfortable. Her personality had a way of melting anyone’s heart.

Throughout their remaining middles school years, Jason and Misty only grew closer. They were best friends.

The Awakening…

It wasn’t until they entered their freshman year that Jason took notice of a change in Misty’s appearance.

One day while eating dinner with his brothers, Brian jokingly asked Jason, “So how’s your girlfriend?”

Jason startled, said “Who Misty? We’re just friends”.

That’s when Andre said, “Ok if you say so. But if I were you, I would claim her quickly!

She’s not the same little girl you knew two years ago. Those older boys at school are noticing her transformation.

She always had those cute freckles, but now she’s starting to get a shapely body on her. She’s going to get thick in all the right places!

You better watch out! Those other guys are coming!”

Can They Be More Than Friends?

It was the first time that Jason realized they were right. Every since they started high school, more boys started to approach Misty.

What use to be private conversations between Jason and Misty, would always involve more boys hanging around.

It was by the end of freshman year that Jason realized his feelings for Misty had changed. He was falling in love….

Have you ever love someone so much
You thought you’d die
Giving so much of yourself
It’s seem the only way tell me
What you want and I
(And I)
Will give it to you
(You, you)
Cause you are

“Jason! Jason?? Hello Jason?”

“What did you put down for question #2 on that history test?” whispered Misty.

Jason realized he had been daydreaming in the line for lunch. He got back to reality and quickly told Misty:
“1865. The U.S. Civil War ended in 1865.”

“Of course!! For some reason my mind slipped and I put 1861 instead! Duh! What would I do without you?”

She wrapped her arm around his arm and they walked from the cafeteria line to their favorite table.

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

The Start Of A New Relationship

During the Fall of their Sophomore year, Jason decided it was time to reveal his true feelings. He asked Misty out on an official date, and she said yes!

Their first date was at the movie theater. They both innocently touched each other’s hand in the dark.

Months later, they were hanging out at a barbecue picnic in the park. Andre, Chris and Brian were there as well teasing Jason and Misty.

“Man, you guys can’t get enough of each other? You guys spend so much time together that Jason’s starting to put on some weight!”

“Maybe you guys should slow down”

Yes it’s true that Jason was putting on weight, but he didn’t want this dream to end! He now understood what all the other boys saw in Misty.

She was no longer just that colorful girl that would hold his hand occasionally.

No…. their relationship had blossomed into something more meaningful!

No longer a small and round little girl, Misty had matured into a beautiful work of art!

Her colorful freckles still were adorable. It was just now she had a sexy tanned skin complication along with a perfectly shaped waist that exposed her curves.

She was beautiful!

My love did you ever dream that it could be so right
I never thought that I would find
All that I need in life
All I want, all I need
Now I know, I know
I found it in you
(I found it in you)
Cause you are

His Soul Belongs To Her

Misty Malone, the girl with the sweetest kiss that could melt Jason’s mouth.

Even though Jason had three supportive brothers, Misty was always that one “sweetie” Jason could always depend on!

M&M ice cream cookie sandwhich

Even now, at age 36 with type II diabetes, Jason always finds time to worship his favorite girl!

Misty is the only girl in this world that he would give up his soul for real, no matter the cost!

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

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