“Why should I take advice from you, you’re not that muscular”

“I never have the time to workout.  I’m just different than you”

“Wow, how did you get in good shape?  What diet did you follow”

“I’m a full time mom.  You don’t know what’s it like to be busy”

“I eat right all the time.  I don’t know why I’m fat”

“The only reason that guy is so strong is because all he does is go to the gym seven days a week!  If I had that much time, I would look just like him!”

“You need to be certified to teach people how to train.  That’s the only way they’ll listen”

“I’m starting this new juice only diet.  Man, I tell you I’m going to look ripped in two weeks”

“I eat enough vegetables.  I should be losing weight”

“I run five miles everyday and eat just a salad a day.”

“You eat too much protein.  You’re going to hurt your kidneys”

“You eat too little protein.  You need to eat over 400 grams a day if you want to be strong bro!”

“Paleo diet is the best diet.”

“Eating a vegan diet is the only good diet.”

“Don’t eat carbs!”

“Don’t eat Fat!!”

“Don’t eat meat!”

“You don’t do CrossFit.  What’s your problem?”

“My genetics are awful, so why should I bother to work out?”

“You don’t cook vegetables with butter and salt?  How can you eat them?  Do you deep fry them?”



Man with a microphone yelling enough!!!

………And that folks is why I have decided to start this blog.


My name is Michael and I’ve had enough.  I’m the type of person that prefers to listen before talking.

In my youth I was viewed as “that quiet guy”.

Over time, I’ve come to realized that I’m just a very good listener.  For some reason when you are a listener instead of a talker people assume you are shy.

Well folks, let me go on the record and say that I am definitely not shy!

Over the past years I have researched various techniques on how to become fit.  It became my favorite hobby.

Majority of the time I spent online, I was peeking at weightlifting websites.  Learning new methods of how lifting weights could make you lose weight.  I found out how bodybuilder’s achieved lean bodies just be eating a certain way.

I experimented with extreme diets to cut corners in the war on fat.

I lifted to get strong.

I lifted to lose fat.

I learned the difference between powerlifting vs. weightlifting.

I did sprint intervals.

I walked on treadmills.

I jumped rope.

I tried yoga.

As the years have went by, many friends and family have asked questions about fitness.  They would tell me how I always seem to know the answer.

In my mind, I didn’t know that much.  As those years have turned in to over a decade of me experimenting on my own body, I realized

“Why not me?”

I have so many years wrapped up in this fitness world that I should be informing people about living a healthy life.   I use to think that only the people with the perfect six packs could give out advice.

Only the guys with 30 inch biceps truly knew what it took to reach the top of that mountain!

I finally sat back and thought, “How many…..”:

  • People have lost 85 lbs despite traveling all around the world working 60+ hours a week?
  •  Struggle with their own body image?
  • Front page models in bodybuilding magazines actually like their bodies?
  • People have had to learn how to eat right when they’re in a country where they cannot drink the tap water or eat the vegetables?
  • Still believe the lies that are being told?”

After all these years, I started to realize that this listener needed to step up and start talking!

I have decided to create this blog to inform the public and share my story.

I’m definitely not Mr. Perfect.

What I am is human.  I plan on providing the reader with the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m willing to share my successes and failures in my quest for my “perfect” body.

You can laugh.  You can poke fun.  You can be encouraged.  You can be inspired.  All I plan on providing to you is the truth.

I don’t care who you are, but with a healthy mental attitude, you can accomplish anything! 

Maybe, Just maybe it’ll help change your life (or someone you love) for the better.

Visit my About Page for more info.

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