You keep rolling over in bed. You eye the clock,

“Well I guess it’s time to wake up.”

Your head is pounding like you had too much to drink.

Your tummy aches and feels like you are about to give birth to a set of triplets.

Your world is nothing but a jumble mess.

How did you get to this stage?

You slowly get out of your bed and head to the bathroom. As you turn on the lights you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

“Oh yeah, now it’s coming to me”

The fog starts to clear and you now remember what you did the night before. The shame is almost as bad as the feeling you would get if you cheated on someone.

Well you kind of did cheat on someone…. You cheated on YOURSELF!

Last night you just didn’t stray from your diet plan; you went on an all out EPIC binge!

This moment in the mirror is the key moment that will decide if you will continue down your distractive path or get back on the road to glory town. This post is all about what you should do the morning after an eating binge.

Been There Done That!

Key and Peele's character Wendell at a addict meeting

“The nastier the binge the better!”

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Whether that moment is during a once in a lifetime celebration or on a weeklong exotic vacation. While having fun we let our guards down and embrace the jubilations of the moment.

Please know that there’s a difference between having fun versus turning fun into a full outright shameful binge. A binge occurs when you go above and beyond in excess. Whether that’s more beers after you reached your limit or by eating your third helpings of dessert because you’re at a buffet.

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what exactly triggered that response in your body.

Was it your vacation mindset?

Did you give into peer pressure?

What exactly was that FINAL thing that pushed you over the edge?

The sooner you can figure this out, the better you will be when involved in this type of situation in the future. Having accurate data about this will do wonders for your self-esteem and progress.

Once you identified the trigger, now remember what your responses to those triggers were.

Did you try to go toe to toe with your buddies?

Did you tell yourself that “I’m on vacation and ANYTHING goes while on vacation?”

Did you simply eat something so wonderful, that you told yourself that you must have another?

Whatever happened…. happened. You can’t go back in time to change it. (Unless you have The Flash stashed somewhere in your home.)

Barry Allen aka The Flash

Must go back to stop MicVinny’s binge…fate of the world depends on it!

Document Your Binges

What you can do is create yourself an eating behavior journal by using whatever note app you want to use (Evernote, Google Docs, etc.).

Here’s an example of mine during while doing MicVinny’s 30-Day Challenge:

Eating Binge Scenario

How It Started

Ate pizza at a restaurant during date night.

My Responses/Thoughts

I wanted to see how I would respond towards eating pizza while at a restaurant. It was the first time I let myself eat a cheat meal in over two and a half weeks.

In addition to the pizza, I had myself an alcoholic drink cocktail. I then ordered a dessert from the menu. The dessert wasn’t good, but I continued to eat it anyway.

The next day, I had a planned cookout in which my only meal of the day was going to be at the cookout. During the cookout, I ate bratwurst, chicken legs, potato salad, chips, corn, beans, cake and punch.

That same night I snacked on frozen fruit and drank ginger ale for my ailing stomach.

The next day, I didn’t feel like cooking because I was feeling sick. Not only was I bloated, but also I had a sore throat and felt like a cold was coming on. I personally think it was from allergies for being outside all day during the cook out.

That led to ordering Chinese take out for the day’s meal. Instead of the healthier options (8 Simple Ways To Cut Calories From A Chinese Restaurant’s Menu ), I went for a sweet orange chicken option, which is something I’ve only had one other time.

I also purchased some cupcakes on the way to get my takeout like a B-O-S-S!


I completely devoured them after my main take out course.

On the fourth day was my realization that I had just been on an eating binge.

What I Think Triggered The Binge

I had planned all my meals for 2.5 weeks straight. The first day I did not plan what I was going to eat was when the binging started. It was not the pizza particularly, but just me not stopping once I became full.

I let the sugar trick me into wanting more than I actually did. The satisfactions I typically get from eating foods were lost with these binge foods.

The BBQ was not the direct cause of me going overboard. That was a planned cheat. It was the situations before and after the BBQ that really caused the binge.

Knowing that my body was getting sick, I let my old bad habits take over. Those bad behaviors only want processed junk foods, so that’s what my body craved.

Accept What Happened and Move On!

Key and Peele's character Sex Addict Wendell

“You hear about MicVinny’s binge…it’s crazy yall”

On the morning I got myself over the binge, I wrote all my behaviors down. I acknowledge what I did and I moved on.

As simple as that, you just got to move on!

Life happens.

It’s ok to not be perfect. Look at that binge as a teaching moment. Next time you’re in that situation you’re going to be able to identify how to get out of it sooner, because you’ve done your homework.

If you keep finding yourself in that situation, keep writing it down. If you end up with a novel of information, and nowhere near your dreams, you KNOW EXACTLY what to do but are just refusing to listen to yourself scream out!

Stop blaming others, and start accepting your own faults! You have it in writing! Now it’s just a matter of DOING what it takes instead of AVOIDING the obvious!


What do you think about my binge advice? Leave a comment below.

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