The Date….Last Tuesday

The Time…7:00

The Place…. The Moore’s Family Room.

<Plaintiff aka Mike>:  It was on this date, that the most horrific thing that I could imagine happened.  It started out like any other evening.  My wife and I sat at the kitchen table eating dinner.  We were having good conversation while eating.  The glorious meal consisted of spaghetti made with turkey and spaghetti squash.  Once done eating, we decided to partake in The Daily Show and Nightly Show for amusement.

I walked over towards the suspect in a friendly matter.  If I was to know how this night would change my life for the worse, I would have went over towards the suspect’s brother instead.

Everything seemed normal while my wife, the suspect and I watched TV.  The suspect behaved like he normally does.  About one hour later as I got ready for bed, that’s when I realized the suspect had silently attacked me!

Over the past two months, my wife and I started to realize that the suspect was getting pushy.  I could never get comfortable around him anymore.  It was like he was purposely trying to keep me from hanging out with him.  I helped clean him up one day, and thought we were on good terms again.  But after this particular night, I’m sure the suspect was plotting against me this entire time!


<Judge>: Sir, lower your voice!!!  There will be no disrespect in this court of law! Is that all you have to say

<Plantiff>: No your honor.  The next day I woke up remembering how the suspect looked at me with grin as I walked away from the family room that night.  I just knew he was up to something.   I proceeded to do my normal morning ritual of going to the gym.  Once at the gym I performed my first workout of the day, the squat.  After completing three sets of ten reps, I attempted a fourth and stalled at four reps. I ensued to un-rack the squat bar, and upon bending over…


It was so sore, that I had to cut my workout short. So bad, that I even had to skip two workout days to make sure it would not get worse. He is to blame! He’s just jealous of me!

<Suspect>: HAHAHA whatever chump!

<Judge>:   QUIET! We have heard enough from the Plaintiff, I will now hear from the Defendant

<Suspect>: Yo, I don’t know what that dude’s problem is.  Man, I see it like this.  I’ve been hanging out with that family for three years.  Not once did I every get a “how was your day” or “thank you”.  It was a one sided friendship.  Now as the years have went on, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not as strong as I use to be.  I have been getting a lil bit lumpy these past few months.

On that particular night, the Plaintiff just randomly jumped on me!  How disrespectful!  No gentle handshake, or hug.  Nope, just straight up jumped on me.  So what would you do if someone jumped on you?

You gonna squirm a lil bit man!  So the plaintiff and me did go back and forth for awhile, I did see him squirm.  Finally, I decided to chill and just let him be.

He was the one that decided to be in a awkward angle while he watched TV.  As he left the room, I did smile…..smiling that he left me alone with his wife!!!

<Plaintiff>: You summa of a……

<Suspect>: HAHAHAH

<Judge>: ENOUGH!!!! {bang bang bang}……I have heard enough. I will let the jury of your peers decide who is to blame for the Plaintiff’s back injury.   Is it the Plaintiff or the Defendant???


The above was just a funny way of explaining what happened to me.  In case you haven’t figured it out, the suspect was a couch!

<insert dramatic music>

We all have done that one stupid thing that gets us hurt.  I had been on a 2015 hot streak of having absolutely no injuries. With all the running, deadlifting, squatting, etc.  I had been injury free!

All of a sudden, a old beat up couch decided to end my streak.  I am convinced that the couch is the reason for my back pain. Prior to that workout day, their had been days when I had walked away from that couch sore, but not too bad.  It was just something special about last Tuesday night that made the couch get it’s revenge!

So what should we do when we get injured?  Here are some tips:


The smartest thing to do is to let it heal.  A few days off from the gym won’t kill you.  Some times, injuries can be our body’s way of saying “You’re doing too much girlfriend!”.

If you are just starting off, you might have pushed yourself too hard.  If you’re 7+ years experienced, that injury may be the result of years of improper technique.

Relax, getting hurt is going to happen! We just do our best to not let it happen.  If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s just one of the breaks.  Even in your outside the gym life, you get injured every now and than.  We’re all human.


Did you squat too much weight?  Did you land awkwardly while jump roping?  Did you pick your daughter up to fast?

Figure out the root cause of that pain. Knowing the cause leads to you properly finding a solution for it.  If it was related towards weightlifting, maybe you need to take a few pounds off.  Be smart and know that cause.


In my case I hurt my back.  After a couple days of rest, I decided to give it a test run.  Given I knew it was in my lower back, I first decided to attempt squats but with half the weight.  If it had been unbearable, I would know to skip it for this day.  In my case, I was able to squat effectively, but I still wanted to be safe.  So I did my normal number of sets/reps.  I just intelligently used less weight for safety.  I had the same great sweat producing squat session, but without the extra back pain.



Sometimes that injury may just be in a place that it’s best to avoid altogether. No worry, you still have your other body parts to work out. Too often we have this All or None mentality.

One of the main focal points of my workout is the squat.   If my lower back were bad enough where I could not have squatted down properly, I would have just swapped the movement.  That one movement does not make or break my workout.

It’s ok! I would just find another leg movement that I could do safely and continue with the rest of my workout.  No need to skip an entire day if all my other body parts can do isolation workouts just fine.

If I could not lift weights all together, what would stop me from using this week to just go on walks?   My back feels fine walking.  Just find that alternative solution that’s going to help you move forward not backward!


Sometimes we just got to put our ego to the side.  When it comes towards weightlifting, weight loss or just being healthy in general, think about the bigger picture.   There’s no shame in taking one gym session off to properly heal.

Remember that you’re in this for the LONG HAUL. We’re talking a awesome body for months/years/decades!!! Just one workout missed due to injury is not going to hurt you.

But you know what will hurt you? Attempting to go all out in a workout when you have a legit injury. That “man up” mentality could result you in not being able to work out for months!

So think about that. Skipping one session vs. Two+ months of non-activity! Who’s going to get that dream body faster!


Let’s all be safe on our own journey’s. If an injury happens, just follow my advice. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Now I’m on my way back to court…..I got some beef to settle with that couch!!!

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