In How To Confidently Create A Healthy Salad From Any Restaurant Part I, I provided some easy guidelines on how to properly order a salad at a restaurant. In this post, I will be giving you examples from four different style restaurants.

Fast Food Restaurant

Out of all the choices, this will normally be the most frequent choice.

Whether that’s for a quick 30 minute lunch or while waiting at a airport for your flight, fast food is well….fast!

In this fast food example we will be using the popular burger joint, Wendy’s.



Sit-Down Restaurant

With this restaurant type, you typical can enjoy a proper 45 – 60 minute lunch. Expect to have some sort of conversation with your co-workers so you can pace yourself at leisure.

Don’t be surprise to see others pay attention to what you will be eating.

There’s no need to panic!  Just follow the instructions.


Buffet Style Restaurant

Out of all the options, I personally feel this is the easiest to manage. Any decent buffet restaurant will have at least a salad bar. Automatically go down your salad must have list:

  • Find all the greens besides iceberg lettuce, and add them to your plate.
    • Only add iceberg if there’s no other leafy choice
  • Find all the other vegetables not soaked in oil or sugar.
  • Identify your tasty protein options and add
  • Complete your salad by adding the dressing yourself.
    • Have self control!
    • Go for olive oil & vinegar as your first option.
    • It’s ok if you go with others AS LONG AS YOU TAKE don’t have more than 1-2 TBSP!
    • Remember you don’t know what’s actually in that buffet’s salad dressing so go easy!



Café/ Bread Shop Hybrid Restaurant

These styles of restaurants have become very popular over the last decade. I’m personally not a bread or coffee guy so I don’t gravitate towards them. But I’m no fool in that I notice that a lot of my meetings happen to take place in these type of shops.

I will use Panera Bread in this example.


Local Delivery Restaurant

The local Mom & Pop delivery spot is a stable at most work environments. They are a favorite to go for catered lunches.  Now when presented with this option you don’t have to feel regulated towards the pizza or sandwiches.

You now will have the proper ability to order a salad with confidence. Check out the video of some stereotypical local pizza joint:

There you have it!   Five classic restaurant types that you can now order a healthy salad from with complete confidence!  Tell me what you think below.

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