Every morning you get up. You scramble to get dress. You start brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and putting clothes on. If you have kids you have to spend even more time getting them prepared for school.

You rush through your breakfast. Heck, sometimes you even skip breakfast because you’re trying to hurry up to get to that job that you most likely hate.

While working at our jobs, we’re also in a hurry to get out. The honest reason the majority of us work is for a paycheck. That’s the hard cold truth. That money could be bi-weekly or a future 401K plan. If we could fast-forward our work day, most of us would press that button in a heartbeat at our jobs!

Adam Sandler in the movie "Click" with a remote control

When we read fitness articles all we pretty much care about are the ones that say:
• Get quick results by……
• How to get ripped in seven days or less….
• How to lose fat and still look good naked…..
• How to stop wasting time to get in shape now…..

No wonder we feel rushed. The media plays on our precious emotions. They want to feed the frenzy of our daily rush routines. By rushing we’re going to make irrational discussions. How many good decisions have you made in your life when rushed?

In today’s fast paced society there’s a opposite way of thinking that can really produce results. It involves just one simple habit. Not ten, fifteen or twenty things at once. Just slowing down and focusing on one goal at a time.

That sounds crazy right? Just one goal at a time.

“But Mike, I could be doing 100 push-ups, 50 pull ups, jogging in the evening, eating salads, and drinking three protein shakes a day. Why should I slow down when all the fitness articles tell me to keep going faster and harder?”

The reason is because your fitness media sources want you to spend so much time doing so many things, that you’re never going to stop relying on them. By giving you information overload you’re never going to make the progress you hope to make. That’s why I love the idea of just starting one goal at a time.

It’s amazing how when I decide to slow down and not do too much I actually end up getting better results. They don’t automatically pop up overnight. But when applying the habits one at a time, they make drastic changes over time.

Slow down and focus on improving these three areas of your life for big changes:


White sheep asleep on grass
It’s amazing how little sleep we typically get during a work week. The doctor recommended between seven and nine hours of sleep. How often do you actually get seven to nine hours of sleep?

You should focus on sleep for one week straight. I’m sure…no, I’m POSITIVE that once you consistently get seven or more hours of sleep a night, you’ll start to find out that life isn’t as stressful as it has been in the past. Those gym workouts will become much more easier because your body actually had a chance to fully recover.

How about that! You’re actually helping your body by just focusing on one little small minuscule part of your life. We are so use to our bodies going to sleep, that it is easy to forget its importance. Get back in control and get that sleep!

Moving Our Bodies

We have an biological obsession with becoming faster and/or stronger than the other person. That’s why we always want to be doing the latest and greatest movements. What if you just slowed your roll and focus on doing one simple movement a day.

We all know that your body has to physically move to burn calories. This easy understanding of needing to move turns to complication. We end up trying 50 million variations of exercises. All those variations eventually led us to burn out. That’s when our body just doesn’t want to do anymore and shuts itself down.

What if you just simply walked more every day? Or made sure you went up a flight of stairs every afternoon? This small stuff will get you faster towards your results than over complicating your workout at the gym.

Drinking water

water pouring into a glass

Do you actually drink eight glasses of water a day? Do you even really know how much water you actually drink in a day? We all know we should be drinking more water. Not soda. Not Juice. Just plain ole H20.

Despite knowing this, we still get caught up in media marketing of the newest dietary beneficial drinks we should be putting our bodies. For example, let’s say there’s this new commercially produced smoothie superduper drink. Instead of just going with the basics of drinking water we decide to make this superduper drink a major part of diet.

We see advertisements and testimonials about this super-duper drink. You just got to have this drink! What the advertisements don’t show you is that the superduper drink is mostly sugar. Drinking too much sugar leads to fat gain!

By rushing out and going with this fad drink, you’re ignoring a key component of life. Water. That’s what you should be drinking every day. If you just focused on eight glasses of water, your body will thank you by becoming more healthy.


Stop making life so complicated. Learn how to slow down and take things one step at a time. All it takes is one good habit to snowball into the dream body you want to achieve.

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