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8 Undeniable Signs That You’re Just Lazy & Unhealthy

“Just Remember, it’s not a lie…if you believe it” Do you remember that classic Seinfield  quote?  It’s something that we unknowingly do daily in our lives. When working our jobs and/or raising kids, we brainwash Read more…

Food Advice

Five Reasons to Quit Sugar Now

This article first appeared on Sweetdefeat. Why it’s so important to cut back on your sugar intake—and take back control of your health. Over three-quarters of packaged food in grocery stores today comes with copious Read more…

Food Advice

Why Mo’ Sugar leads to Mo’ Problems

Like the late great Notorious B.I.G once said “The more money you make, the more problems you get.” Amen to that. In our quests for success we tend to look at money as a victory Read more…