Mission To Help Busy Women Lose Weight


Raise your hand if you have ever "Let Yourself Go"?

We all can be guilty when it comes to the occasional vacation, but what about when we are talking about your every day living?

Did you plan on your health getting out of hand?

How would you physically and mentally stay sharp while living a busy life day after day?


Being a busy woman is a tough.  Lots of fitness magazines & fitness websites claim to have the perfect solutions but seriously.... did you get results while following their suggestions?

Don’t you wish there was a source that finally got it?

Well, wish no more because you’ve just discovered your new favorite friend!

Who Is Mr. Travel Fitness For?

Mr. Travel Fitness is for busy women who need help gaining control over their health.

It’s for those who no longer want their job’s crushing demands preventing them from truly being fit and happy!

Mr. Travel Fitness is your conversational piece that will jump-start your day.

Mr. Travel Fitness' blog articles will enlighten your mind as well as make you laugh.

Mike's transformation programs are for women who no longer want to hide their bodies in shame when at the beach.

Our programs are for women who desire to start feeling comfortable with their inner and outer bodies.

With the articles, services, and resources I will be providing, you will easily be able to stand out from your average work at home mom.

Why Should I Listen To This Guy?

My name is Michael V. Moore (aka Mr. Travel Fitness aka MicVinny).

I know the struggle of being fat and unhealthy all too well. For the majority of my professional career I was either a traveling engineer or business developer.

Here's a picture of me during one of my international trips in 2008.

At that time, I had no idea I was letting the pressures of life, work and travel get the best of me!

I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle because I followed all the latest bodybuilding eating and exercise advice.

How could I look so chubby when I was working out at least FIVE days a week?

That is no longer the case.  This IS me TODAY!


It’s almost like day and night right?

Be honest, which one would you take lifestyle fitness advice from now?

I'm a ACE certified personal trainer & best-selling author of these 3 books:

No Magic Pills

No False Promises

No Special Ingredients

No Lies

Just One Guy

With Some Awesome Information

Sprinkled With Humor!

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