“Those who fail to prepare fail to succeed. “

Or is it

“To win the fight you must first prepare…. prepare…. prepare.”


Whatever the proper saying may be, you have to ready for anything. Whether that’s in your home environment or on the road. There’s no such thing as a perfect life so stop fooling yourself with the excuses!

You say you want to get in shape, right?

You talk desperately how you’re tired of being and looking the same.

Well isn’t it time you stop packing the same way? Here are my top 9 fitness items to pack for your next business trip:

#1 Workout Shoes

Make it a habit to ALWAYS pack a pair of workout shoes when you travel. Don’t make the mistake of packing only your dress shoes or work boots. Take yourself serious and bring the right footwear.

I’m personally a fan of vibrams fivefingers shoes when traveling. They are the perfect carryon suitcase size

#2 Gym Shorts

You have your shoes now get your shorts in your bag. Depending on the weather, you may want to go with sweat pants instead. Either way you need to make sure that you have something.

If you forget your shorts, what’s to stop you from working out in your hotel room in your underwear?

Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. Those who succeed are willing to do whatever it takes!

Close the curtains and get ‘er done!

#3 Workout T-shirt

The t-shirt completes the perfect trifecta. Make sure you place a good workout t-shirt in your bag.

If trying to reduce luggage, one of your under t-shirts can double as a gym shirt.

Two problems, one solution!

4 plastic water bottles

#4 Water Bottle

Your goal is to stay hydrated at all times. Get a 24 ounce or bigger thermos and take it with you. This will ensure your thirst needs are meet and you don’t have to overpay for a small bottle of water.

#5 Healthy Snack

Whether you’re on a high carb, low carb or whatever diet, bring yourself some snacks. Nuts, seeds, fruits, hard cheeses, protein bars, veggies, etc.

If going on a plane, make sure you follow the latest TSA regulations. There’s nothing worst than being on a trip and you have to settle for junk food because you didn’t come prepared.

#6 Vitamins

I prefer that people get their vitamins from eating their foods. In an ideal situation you would eat a variety of foods ever week. When you are traveling you may not have that option. This is the time where I feel it’s ok to take supplements. Buy yourself a multivitamin and cover all your bases.How-Hair-Growth-Is-Affected-By-Prenatal-Vitamins-1-e1455395516429

#7 Fish Oil

Like I mentioned with vitamins, when you travel you most likely will be undernourished. It’s a good idea to take a couple of high quality fish oil pills. Fish oil provides healthy omega-3’s that most bodies lack.

Take care of yourself on that road, and get these in your system.

#8 Workout Playlist

I’m a fan of having a dedicated workout media player. The iPod is such a wonderful invention for taking on the road.

I’ve never been a fan of using your phone while working out. It seems like a broken screen just waiting to happen.

Whichever electronic device you use, just make sure you have a good playlist. That will get you pumped up no matter where in the world you find yourself.

#9 Workout Headphones

Your headphones don’t need to be anything extravagant, a simple $1-$10 headphone will suffice. You just want to make sure that the ear buds fit snugly in your ear and they can take a potential beating.



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