You arrive to work with your typical cup of coffee and a big yawn. As you sit down to your desk, you go through the morning ritual of slowly checking email.

Promptly, you get a high priority message sent to the top of your inbox.

The address doesn’t look like it’s from a fellow company employee so you hesitate in opening the email.


Could this be a virus?”

You decide to be brave and proceed to click on the message. What’s the worst that will happen, the company’s servers go down?

You open the message and the email boldly states:

You’ll be getting a package at 8:30 AM! 

You look at the clock and see that it is 8:29 AM. Three seconds later at exactly 8:30 AM there’s a Fed Ex package delivered directly to you with no return address. You open the package and see a cell phone.

Immediately, the phone rings.

You pick it up and hear a powerful calm controlling voice:

“I’ve been watching you for awhile. I understand that you don’t want to be LIKE THEM.   Are you willing to listen to my work health advice?

“Who is this?” you ask.

“No the question is who are YOU?

Are you one of those countless office workers repeating the same routine every day?

Or are you the person who’s ready to change and no longer make work health excuses while at the office?”

“How do you know about what I want….”

“I’ve seen you at the gym. I know what you eat when you’re not at the office. I know you want great things; well I’m here to get you to that finish line…

Will you accept my help?”

Work Eat Sleep Repeat!

Did you know that from the age of 15 through 60, we spend a third of our lives working? If we spend that much time working, when do we take the time to get in shape? The average person spends less than 30 minutes on physical activity.

30 minutes vs one-third of your life at work!

Can you see why you might need to change how you approach your job?

Stop thinking about it in only one perspective, it’s time to change our mentalities and break down some barriers. Let me help you with these suggestions.


[Let’s rejoin our cinematic story already in progress………]

“So the fact that you’re still with me, tells me that you are ready to be reprogrammed. I will need you to do exactly as I say as I point out things that may not have been obvious before. “

“I will teach you the proper ways to take back control of your office”

Simplify Your Coffee

“So let’s begin by what’s in your hand, your precious coffee. May I ask where did you buy it? If you’re like most folks you bought it from a coffee shop on your way to work. If you’re lucky your office even has decent coffee on the pot.

I’m not here to tell you not to drink coffee. Not all it.   What I will want to ask is….What exactly is IN your coffee?”

If you’re serious about losing weight, you need to learn how to drink your coffee completely black. Coffee has many health benefits. But if it’s submerged in cream, sugar and all kinds of extracts, that’s no better than eating a chocolate fudge sundae with nuts, whipped cream, M&M pieces on top of a brownie!


Get Up

“So now get up out of your chair.

Now sit back down.

Now get up.

Do you feel that sensation?

That’s called exercise. The simple act of getting up and down out of your chair can be exercise.

Learn how to do this simple act every 45 mins to an hour. You should never be setting for longer than an hour at your desk without taking a break.

Simply get up out of that seat and then do the following…”


Move Around For Work Health

“You see those two feet? They are now doing something called walking. Yes walking burns calories.

You don’t need a fancy treadmill when you got your own two feet to get around. Go exploring for five good minutes. Go socialize with your co-workers.

Take the time to give your eyes a break from staring at the computer screen.

Let’s now head over to the kitchen/break room area.”

Bring Your Lunch

“You see those refrigerators, is your lunch inside one of those?

If not, why not?

You need to start packing your meals. You will save money as well as be able to control what’s in your food when you bring it yourself.”

Avoid The Snacks

Cookies, brownies in a basket

“Did you see that Martha brought her famous brownies in the office today?

Did you notice that George added some new treats to his candy dish?

Do you normally give in to those snack traps?

Remember, nobody is forcing you to eat those treats.

If you feel like they’re your kryptonite, maybe you should avoid those office locations until you get your mental strength back up.

Maybe George and Martha want to stop being…AVERAGE as well. Ask them to join you on your new quest of being fit.”

Take The Stairs

“Look for the stairway in your office space. Are they accessible?

Instead of always taking the elevator you should use these!

If you live on the 50th floor, I don’t expect you to walk up 50 flights, but you can always walk down steps. Get off on a lower floor and walk up/down.

The elevator is not always necessary!”

Walk Outside

“Is the weather cooperating today? Why not take a stroll outside. Get a breath of fresh air and use those two legs under you to get some more exercise.

If you live in an environment where you can walk to work…WALK TO WORK!”

“To my new enlightened friend,

I hope you find my advice impactful. Last time I tried to help someone in an office out..this is what happened…”


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