You see it all the time. A person goes through an epic transformation. They lose ten or more pounds plus inches off their waist. But the moment they finish their diet program, they gain it all back within a month.

Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Has that happened to you in the past?

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

Beauty and the ……..errrr  I mean….You coming off your diet!!

I recently finished my own 14-day No Sugar Challenge that allowed me to easily drop 7 pounds. Now that I’m switching my eating routine again, I’m all about making sure that my weight doesn’t climb back up.

In order to do that, let’s talk about the common diet pitfalls that we should avoid:

Forcing A Diet On Everyone Else

Just because a diet plan worked for you doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone else. Too many people try to force their diet on others. It’s good that you want to help people out, but the truth is that people will come find you when the time is right.

If the time is not right for those people to get on a diet, your victory will be meet with nothing but pure hatred. Again it’s good to feel good about yourself, but don’t start to brag.

Nobody likes that!

When forcing your diet on others you soon start to realize that you’ll be on your own isolation island. With no friends and support, it’s only a matter of time before you get depressed and go back to your old bad habits.

You Go Back to Your Old Lifestyle

When some people go on a diet plan, they treat it as if they are being torture. The only way they make it through is that they tell themselves that after X days they will be able to be “themselves” again.

The problem with being “themselves” again is that the old version of them is what made them have to diet in the first place.

If you finish a diet plan with that mentality, you’re telling yourself that it’s acceptable to have bad behaviors. You’re saying that this new slimmer version of you is not the real you.

You Panic When The Scale Goes Up

For those who go on low carb diets, this one’s for you!

Just because a scale goes up in number does not mean that you gained fat!

Don’t forget that your lean body mass is also composed of bone, muscle and water.

When coming off low carb diets, your body will start absorbing and retaining water more as you introduce carbs to your eating. That’s normal! There’s no need to panic.

That’s why the key is to slowly raise your calories. If you went from a 21 Day “All Salad diet” to 3 days of steak with baked potatoes, you should expect to gain weight from the carbs as your body replenishes it’s glycogen storage levels.

You Assume Bad Habits Are Gone

If you went through a diet just to lose weight than you forgot one key ingredient. It’s not the diet that’s the problem; it’s you old lifestyle that was the problem.

You should have gone on a plan that helped you develop healthy eating habits. Ignoring the true psychology behind why you eat is the only way to get rid of those bad habits.
A slim frame is only a mirage. Too many people chose to ignore the mental aspect of getting in shape. Don’t fall for that trap!

You Have An All or None Mentality

I’ll admit that I can be guilty of this. It’s where you’re either all in or not at all.

If you’re on a diet, you’re on a diet.

If you’re not you’re not.

What this creates is drastic highs and lows. So when you experience weight loss, you have great results.  But the problem is that when the diet is over, you overindulge to the EXTREME.

You just overeat and overeat and overeat…

With these two extremely different eating patterns, your weight loss will never stick and within weeks you’re back to where you started.

You Refuse To Get Help While In Maintenance

I feel this is the biggest mistake of them all. Most people only seek help to lose weight or gain muscle.

Few actually understand that they will need to understand how to maintain that new body. Being in maintenance mode is one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness.

It seems that we are always searching. For the few that actually get to their finish line they then realize it’s a whole new ball game.

They’ve become a new person and have no idea of how to stay there.

Remember, they had fought for weeks to get to this goal. Once there it can become overwhelming if you don’t have the proper guidance and leadership.

What worked to get you to lose 20 lbs. isn’t the same skills you’ll need to stay at that weight.

Your exercises will still have to be intentional. You will still have to be careful not to go overboard too much. Maintenance is a very stressful time period. If you don’t know anyone that’s been there, the chances of you lasting won’t be long.

That’s why I would like to offer you a lending hand.

If you need help in not only getting to your goal but also maintaining it, why not join MicVinny’s VIP Group.

It’s filled with people with goals such as yourself.

Not only are they seeking to lose weight, a lot of them are just trying to make sure their hard work doesn’t get lost!
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