Have you ever been in the Fitness Zone?

You know, that magically place where you’ve been consistent with your workout plan and eating habits.

Life feels very good until you get that dreaded notification…

You’ve got an out-of-town business trip coming up!

Do you remember your last trip?

Remember how you came back with over 5 pounds on the scale and a good 2 inch increase around your waist!

Your enthusiasm about being in the Fitness Zone slowly diminishes. As you ponder about the weeks to come, you think to yourself:

Why even keep going! I’m just going to be out of shape while on that trip!

Well, my friend you no longer have to think that way! This “Mr. Shy Guy Turned Fly Guy” is here to help with these six handy tips to stay fit during your next business trip.

Get Your Work Schedule Itinerary

Reach out to your supervisor or whoever is running the trip and find out as much details as possible about the trip. Ask the following questions:

Where will you lodge?
Where will the meetings take place?
What time do we have to be ready?
How long will each day be?
Will I be cooped up inside a building all day?
Will I be able to go out for lunch?
Will we be having a working lunch?
Will we be taking the clients out for lunch?
Will the clients be taking us out for lunch?
Are we anticipating after hour meetings?
How long is the trip? Days? One-day?

These questions will help you develop a sense of how the trip will probably go. This will now allow you to properly plan the next training methods.

Pick The Hotel Yourself

hotel front desk


If you have the option of picking your own hotel, here’s what to look for:

Hotel gym

This will ensure that you have the ability to get some type of workout in. It may not be perfect but it is a gym. Having one in your hotel will increase the chances of you actually using it.


If staying for multiple nights you want to be able to properly store any foods that will be purchasing for your stay. This will keep you from overeating and straying away from your diet plan.


Very good thing to have as an option. It will allow you to eat and reheat healthier foods.


This is a big must have when traveling on the road for a long period of time. Having a kitchen means you don’t have to be a slave to restaurants. You can actually make simple quick healthy meals.

Swimming Pool

This one goes last on the list because it’s purely optional. What I like about hotels with swimming pools is that the majority of people don’t swim as a form of recreational activity. Take advantage of being on the road and do this mostly forgotten exercise.

Also, if the hotel has a swimming pool, maybe they have a hot tub/Jacuzzi? When was the last time you soaked your stress away? Heck, take advantage of it and treat yourself to this included spa treatment while your companies paying for the trip!

Bring Workout Clothes

How often do we give ourselves the excuse that we don’t want to over pack clothes? Well if you’re serious about getting healthy, it’s time for you to always pack your workout clothes first. Make this a rule of yours.

From now on when you pack your luggage, you will always include at least one pair of workout clothes. I say a good start is one pair of shorts and two workout tops. If your hotel has a swimming pool, don’t forget about your swimming trunks!

Make A List of Restaurants

Today’s high tech world of the Internet and mobile phones is truly a blessing! Take advantage of this engineering phenomenon by looking up restaurants near the hotel and work site you will be at. What you want to do is find restaurants in which you can order foods that will keep you on track. There’s nothing worse then being on a business trip and giving into the typical greasy burger and fry combo from “McDevils” or whatever burger joint.

Just because EVERYONE else is doing doesn’t mean you have to. You want to be above average, so go that extra mile and do a quick research.

Find A Local Gym

Jogging on treadmills


Gone are the days of “Locked In 4 LIFE” contract gym plans. Gyms today are scrambling to get new members. That’s why most gyms offer guest passes.

Most gyms will gladly give you a guess pass if you let them know you’re in town on business. Some will even give you a pass for free. A minority of the gyms may charge you a small fee.

If you are on a weightlifting routine and want to keep making those gains, this is a great way to keep going. Make it a challenge to yourself to do what it takes to be the best.

Check in with the hotel as well. They may have a special arrangement that allows their guesses free or discounted access at a popular local gym.

Do AM Workouts

If you’re on a business trip and you have no idea what your schedule will be like, do yourself a favor and workout first thing in the morning. All it takes is at least 5 good minutes.

Jumping jacks, sit-ups, walking up and down the hotel steps, push ups, shadow boxing, treadmills sprints, Dumbbell circuit training…JUST DO SOMETHING!

Five minutes of something will get you to your promise land faster than an eternity of doing nothing.

Check out my book Release The Beast for some good advice on changing your mentality about working out.


Now you have six useful tricks to use for your next business trip.  No longer will you be afraid because that once dreaded road trip will be one waist shrinking, fully productive fit trip!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Also if you’re interested in letting me help coach you while at home and on the road, check out MicVinny’s online coaching services.

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Nikki M · May 3, 2016 at 10:32 am

This is great advice! It’s true that I don’t really think about what and where I’m going to eat before I go on my business trips. Especially, if I’m traveling within the US. It’s easy to forget this part of the planning process when it’s kind of the most important part.

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