They’re out there.

You never know when you’re going to encounter them but boy are they out there waiting to take advantage of you.

Some are dark and damp.

Some are full of wonderful distractions.

Some are smaller than a baby’s room.

Some are equipped with beautiful paintings that make you think you’re at an art exhibit.

Some are hot.

Some are freezing.

Some are easy to find.

Some you have to get through a maze to finally get a glimpse of them.

I’m talking about hotel gyms.

In The Beginning…

Vacationers and business travelers viewed staying at hotels as a way to relaxing getaway. Not too many wanted to exercise while traveling.

Then body images started to irk its way into America’s consciousness. In suburban areas, things called “gyms” started sprouting up. Over time these “gyms” became big businesses as more adults started to gravitate towards them.

Instead of living a overall healthy lifestyle, people started thinking that just going to a gym was the missing link in their fat loss equation. As long as you entered those doors you would be magically cured.

Hotels started picking up on this phenomenon.

“Hmmmmm I wonder what would happen if we advertise that we have a gym at our establishment….

Jim go clean out the utility closet!!!”

And thus hotel gyms were born!

Let’s Change The Game
Mystikal's album Unpredictable

My story may not be entirely true but at some hotels it sure feels that way!

Hotel gyms can be as unpredictable as Mystical. They are either great or awful. If you regularly go to a big local fancy gym, you’re accustomed to a large space with a lot of options. Going from a gym behemoth to a hotel gym can be a huge letdown.

I’m here to help get your head out of that place. I’m about to shine some light into your world about how you should approach hotel gyms.

Exercise Is More Than A Gym

Corporate gyms and fitness magazines have brainwashed us into thinking that we can ONLY get in shape with barbells, fancy cardio equipment and weight machines. If a big corporate gym doesn’t have the equipment then we shouldn’t do the exercise

They know what’s best for us right?

Did we forget that for the majority of mankind’s existence we didn’t have access to any of that stuff? Now I’m not a Paleo person but it’s amazing how out of touch we’ve gotten with our roots.

There wasn’t always grocery stores around 24/7. People ate by learning how to farm. Not because some hippy magazine told them it was organic and cool, but because they had to survive!

Who needs the gym when you have a farm to attend too! You wake up at the crack of dawn and spend your next two to six hours busting your butt off. The workouts at CrossFit have nothing on Joe Farmer’s AM “I have to make a living” routine!


Before cars were invented, how did you think most folks traveled? On those magical things called feet. They were designed to actually take you places in life. Not just from the couch to your refrigerator door.

Exercise does not exist only inside gyms! Always remember that lesson whether you’re at home or on the road!


Have you ever walked inside a hotel’s pathetic gym and said:

“There’s nothing I can do here”


That awful hotel gym has just pointed out something that’s obvious. You don’t have an imagination. That’s not entirely bad but it let’s you know that you’re not as creative as you think you are.

If you don’t have an imagination at a hotel gym, you’re missing out on some great non-traditional workouts.

The road to being in shape is not just jogging on a treadmill.
It’s not just heavy bench presses.
It’s definitely not arm curls.

There’s a lot more to the fitness game then what fitness magazines try to sell to you. All it takes is one object in that room plus some imagination to have yourself an awesome workout.

Stop Avoiding Your Weaknesses

By not having your typical gym routine equipment available, the hotel gym is forcing you to address other issues. Maybe it’s time you did some single leg workouts to work on your lack of mobility?

When was the last time you actually stretched out your body? Maybe a yoga pose is on the menu.

How about that big stability exercise ball that’s in the hotel room gym. Maybe it’s time you did a hamstring exercise that actually builds your thighs and kicks your butt.

Are you always doing Bench Presses tough guy? How about doing some rear back raises and give those back deltoids some much-needed work.

Being away from your normal workout environment is the best time to take care of all these weak areas.

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