In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge football fan! With apologies to the rest of the world, I’m talking about good old american pigskin football! It started when I was a youth and I got my first glimpse of the uniforms. They looked like modern day gladiators. Seeing the players battle each other for supremacy instantly brought out my inner competitive spirit. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Like most americans I spend Saturdays and Sundays watching college and NFL games. That means my behind is normally sitting down for 3-12 hours during that time period!

As much as I love the game, isn’t there something more productive I could be doing during that time period? There has to be some way to get some weekend exercise in, have fun and be involved with the games at the same time…right?

The guys on that football field don’t have to be the only ones getting some exercises in. I’ve decided to combine several activities into a fun workout plan. Try these cool activities next time you’re watching football.

Commercial Breaks

With all the money that is made from football, we now seem to have more breaks than ever. Sadly these breaks are not meant to help the athletes out but are a sneaky way for companies to sell things through commercials. Here are some ways to take advantage of those commercial breaks.

Couch Walk Arounds

Instead of walking around your block, get off your couch and walk around your couch during the commercial break. Try to walk in the opposite direction each break.

Sit To Stands

You don’t even have to move. Just stand up and sit back down in your eat. Sounds easy right? This “easy” exercise does a great job of working out your quadriceps and hips.

Jog In Place

Simple to do because you don’t require a lot of space. Just because you’re not moving forward doesn’t mean you won’t be burning calories. With commercial breaks lasting 2-3 minutes, you can easily get a good 10-15 minute jog in just one hour of football watching.

Stair Sprints

Run or walk up and down the steps in your home. Great cardio workout during breaks.

Jump Rope

You can do this with or without jump rope. Great HIIT workout that will tire you out.

Pull Ups

If you have a pull up bar, go up to it and do as many as possible during the break. You’ll have lots of time to recover while watching the game.

Commercial Awareness

One of the best things you can do for yourself is become aware of how advertisers are trying to program you into eating and drinking certain products. Don’t believe me? Try these challenges and be amazed:

Count the Beer commercials

In one hour, spend time counting up every single beer commercial you see.

Count the Fast Food commercials

In one hour spend time counting up every single fast food commercial you see.

Count all the commercials

Now compare. You’ll be shocked to see the ratio of beer to total commercials and fast food to total commercials. Heck combine beer and fast food to total commercials. Is that ratio over or under .500? This is an activity you can do by yourself or make it a family/friend activity.

Once you become aware of what’s being programmed into your brain, it’s amazing how it won’t affect you’re eating habits as much as it use too.

Eat A Healthy Snack

This is not to torture you. This will help you get use to craving veggies instead of the junk food you see on TV. Every time you see a fast food/junk food commercial eat a piece of the following:

  • celery
  • carrot
  • kale
  • spinach leaf
  • iceberg lettuce

Hopefully next time you see that commercial for Pizza Hut, you will start craving a salad instead of that greasy pizza. Think of it as healthy hypnosis.

Take a Shot of Water

Its like the drinking game except this time every time you see a beer commercial you will just take a chug of plain water.


Push Ups

For every point scored by your favorite team, drop down and do some push ups

Touchdown Dance

Who says your favorite team gets to have all the fun after they score? Show off your moves and get your dance on! I mean seriously move that booty! Burn some calories and celebrate at the same time.

Your team just scored! Wave those hands like you just don’t care! Keep it up for 1 full minute

(rub it in even more if you’re around rival fans!)


For those looking for a bigger challenge each week, do these instead of push ups after a touchdown.

Shadow Boxing

Every time your opponent scores, get up and do a left right combination. Fun easy way to let off some steam and yell at your team’s bad defense



Stand up and then lie down on the floor. How every many yards was the penalty is how many times you have to do this movement.

Room Walks

Walk as fast as possible from side to side of the room you’re in. One minute for every yard.

I hope you find these activities useful next time you’re watching a game. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean we have to be zombies! Become a part of the game and get that body moving!

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