Do you know if you’re currently a sugar addict?

Imagine waking up feeling groggy after a night of living your life to it’s fullest.

You had a great time but you silently tell yourself “never again”.

As you rise out of bed, you feel aches and pains in all over your body and a cramping sensation in your stomach.

You tell yourself, “Today’s the day I get back on track” as you make your way to the kitchen.

You reach for your favorite morning beverage to get some fluids inside your body. With each sip you feel your confidence getting back up. You truly feel that today is going to be the day you get back on track. Yesterday was just a fluke.

The rest of your day proceeds as normal. You complete all your work and errands. You even eat a big healthy dinner with all of the vegetables and protein sources you know your body needs to stay healthy.

As you finish the meal you feel like you’ve accomplished something great on this day.

“You know what I think I really did it”

You go watch your favorite TV show as a minor celebration.

You feel safe, and secure on your couch as you watch your show. Little do you know that your night is only truly beginning……

It Starts With A Whisper

A couple of minutes go by and you hear a faint whisper.

“Must be the surround sound from the TV”, you tell yourself.

A few more minutes pass by and you hear a voice again. This time it’s more sinister.

The voice whispers out, “F-E-E-D me….”.

You think it’s just your imagination. One minute later, you hear the voice again, “F-E-E-D me….”.

As the minutes go by, the whisper gets louder. It becomes so loud that you just can’t ignore it anymore!

All You Need Is A Taste

You start to remember that you still have some cake in the kitchen. You’re sure that if you eat only one small slice of it, the voice will disappear.

Let’s be honest. That voice knows that you will not just be eating one slice of cake.

Even the rational side of your brain knows you will not be stopping with just one slice. It’s just a temporary lie you tell yourself to get that cake into your mouth to shut that voice up inside.

That voice knows you will try to make yourself feel good by having a small slice at first.  The voice will only be fully satisfied once you go back for seconds and thirds and more and MORE!

The final result will be another night of you becoming a sugar addict waking up the next morning with another ridiculous sugar hangover.

Hangover part 3 poster

Life of A Sugar Addict

As a former sugar addict I know the routine all too well.

That scenario can happen to the best of us. Whether it’s the week after Halloween, or the entire holiday season. The voices inside seem to want that sugar in our bodies on a daily basis.

As a professional, the cravings seem to haunt us at our office sites as well as our travels. It happens so frequently, that I’m sure you’ve just accepted it as normal.

What if you took some time to yourself and see if you truly have a problem?

Do You Have A Secret Problem With Sugar?

I know just how bad sugar can be for someone that’s unknowingly addicted to it. I’ve been able to maintain my health for the majority of these last couple years due to my avoidance of excess sugar.

But even experts can fall into the trip.

Note: Read Just Keep Going and find out what happens when a sugar addict attempts to lose weight during the holiday season.

Learn About Just Keep Going!

Take The Quick Quiz

Does what happened in the story, happen to you EVERY day?

I don’t want what happens to millions of unaware people every day happen to you.  Take the test below to see if you’re possibly a sugar addict.

Do you:

  1. Put more than one serving of sugar or sweetener in your coffee or tea?
  2. Have soda, juice and flavored drinks taking up more space in your refrigerator then vegetables and fruits?
  3. Drink more soda juice or flavored drinks than you do water in a day?
  4. Do you have to have dessert every day after dinner?
  5. Do you have something sweet at every meal (breakfast,lunch,snacks)?
  6. Normally eat breakfast from a colorful box?
  7. Find yourself having headaches all the time?
  8. Feel like you have low energy most of the time?
  9. Have an odd sensation on the outside of your teeth?
  10. Eat baked goods more than you eat fruit?
  11. Snack on candy?
  12. Have to refill your sugar dish more than twice a month?Drinks with their sugar content next to them. Could you be a sugar addict?

If you answered yes:

  • 1 – 4 times, then you’re ok.
  • 5- 7 times, you need to start evaluating what you are putting in your body
  • 8+ times, there’s no question about it, you’re a sugar addict!


The real truth is that all humans are capable of becoming a sugar addict. There’s no question that too much of it is unhealthy for our bodies. We all know that too much sugar is unhealthy for our bodies.

How many of us apply that knowledge in our day-to-day lives?

Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle?

Get motivated by reading the below book!

Just Keep Going: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gains & Finally Get To The End Of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan by Michael V. Moore aka Mr. Travel Fitness aka MicVinny

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