One chair is all that you need in order to have an amazing workout.

Don’t believe me?

If all it took was one chair for you to exercise your upper and lower body while traveling, would you find a reason NOT to do it?

A big excuse while traveling is that you never have the right equipment to do a workout. Well I’m about to solve that problem.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, we’re going to focus on what you DO have. No matter where your business trip or travel destination takes you, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find one chair.

Big, small, fancy, with a cushion, without cushion, metal, wood, leather, etc… It doesn’t matter!

All that matters is that the chair is good enough to sit your butt in. If that one chair can support you sitting in it, then it’s good enough for any of these one chair exercises.

What’s So Great About One Chair Exercises?

The following will not happen while using these one chair exercises:

  • Big 40 inch biceps
  • 20 pounds of fat will melt off your body after one workout
  • Your bench press will increase by 100 lbs.

Sorry to tell you, but none of these one chair exercises alone will get you those results.

Truthfully, nothing will get you those results after one attempt.

What I can guarantee to you is that you’ll be in better shape than all those countless days in the past when you convinced yourself that you couldn’t do anything!

Trust me, I know how it is.

Just because you don’t have access to a gym with all the latest cardio and weightlifting machines, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve a great workout session.

Being in shape is not about the latest gear. It’s all about moving your body.

The best physiques in ancient times never had access to any of the gear we now have available. We’ve become very lazy and too often use technology as a crutch.

Stop having that mentality!

Get back to the basics and simplify your routine.

No matter what your situation:

  • In a hotel
  • On vacation
  • Rainy day
  • Snow storm outside
  • On a cruise ship
  • At home with the kids

You can find time to do any of these one chair exercises.

Remember……Something is Better Than Nothing!

Note: If you you can’t even find a chair, you’re still in good hands because you’ll be able to do the “No Gym No Problem” workout.

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One Chair Exercises

Upper Body

Incline Push Ups

Decline Push Up

Pike Push


Diamond Incline Pushups

Bench Dips

Lower Body

Hands Overhead Sit to Stand

One Leg Box Squats

Sissy Squats

Leg Curls

Lateral Leg Swings

Leg Kickbacks

Leg Extensions



Floor Crunches

Rotational Crunches


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